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My store is temporarily closed

At present, I have temporarily shut down my store in order to focus on fulfilling the backlog of orders, which unfortunately have been taking more than three months to complete. This decision was made to ensure that I can catch up with the increasing demand and provide my customers with the products they have been patiently waiting for.

Once I have successfully caught up with the pending orders, I will take the opportunity to reassess my business model. This reconsideration is primarily driven by a change in personal circumstances and the escalating costs associated with running the business.

I am contemplating a shift towards a new approach. Instead of operating a purely bespoke, made-to-order service, I am considering focusing solely on crafting unique items that I can then showcase and sell through my website. This transition would not only allow me to reach a wider audience but also provide me with the flexibility to manage my business more efficiently.

I can still except horse clipper servicing and possibly some small repairs.

Handmade, Traditional, Bespoke

At Oakside Saddlery I make traditional, handmade, bespoke leather goods that are designed to last. Everything is made by hand; from the first cut to the final polish. Stitching is carried out by hand using traditional, two needle saddlery stitching. An old process that is much, much stronger than a machine stitch. Each stitch is individually made using a super strong braided polyester thread and the strength of my two hands. Check out my store to see just what it is I can make, or, if you have something specific then simply contact me and I will see what I can do.


Because Automation wasn't for the benefit of the customer


I make everything by hand. From the first cut to the final polish


Made with the traditional skills of an English saddler


Made to measure from a variety of styles and to your designs

Oakside Saddlery


I'm sorry to say that I am running behind with my orders at the moment. This is due developing Vestibular Migraine that can totally wipe me out for a few days. Very annoying and hard to control. Hopefully I should get back to normal soon.
Orders are currently taking around 3 months to complete.
Oakside Saddlery

Hand Stiched

All stitching is carried out by hand using the traditional skills of an English Saddler.
I hand stitch all of my handmade leather items. This is carried out using a traditional, two handed saddlery stitch. This style of stitching is very strong as each individual stitch passes completely through the leather to the other side before making the next stitch. This takes time, practice, and patience but makes for a much more individual, stronger, hand crafted item. Check out my videos below of my hand stitching in progress.


Still here. You didn't get distracted on YouTube then!
Each item is handmade to order for a truly bespoke service. Something that is rarely seen now days. This takes time so delivery can take up to 8 weeks. sometimes less, sometimes more.
Remember - Good things come to those who wait.
Oakside Saddlery


Old School HANDMADE Leatherwork

I am a traditionally trained saddler. Everything that I make is made by hand. The cut from the entire bridle butt of leather, skiving, punching, edging, creasing, staining, marking, stitching, measuring, finishing, and polishing. All carried out in my workshop in Kent.
Oakside Saddlery

Latest News

A few updates that you can expect for 2022



I plan on changing my thread from Linen to a Braided Polyester. I use the braided polyester when I make bags and some of my custom work. I have found that I rather like using it. Braided polyester is available in many more colours and is very strong and rot proof. This should mean that my handmade items will last even longer.

This will take me a while to update my store. So if you fancy using one of my new colours then leave a note in the comments when placing your order.


Dog collars additional loop

An optional extra on my traditional leather dog collars is an additional loop. This loop is stitched in after the dee ring and helps to keep the point under control. It looks smarter and keeps the collar tidy. So for 2022 I have decided that I will fit this loop to my collars as standard. So if you have an order in don't be surprised if it has an extra loop that you didn't pay for.

Until I update my store this option may be there. You can tick it if you like, I don't mind ;)


Hand Stitching

Everything will still be carried out by hand. Including the stitching. But as I have got older my eyes ae not as good as they used to be so I have changed to some more modern stitching irons. So instead of 10 stitches to the inch they will now be at 3mm spacing which is very similar, and 4mm stitching instead of the 8 stitches to the inch.