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English Bridle Leather for the best quality leather in the World

Sedgwick and Co English Bridle Leather

A variety of colours all in Bridle Butt Leather and some in Bridle Back for the longer lengths required

Eternal Style

Leather will always be a relevant material to use. A timeless classic, it will never go out of style. The high quality of leather in contrast to synthetic materials also adds a touch of luxury to your products.


A significant benefit of using leather is its immense longevity. Leather is extremely durable, especially when great care has gone in to its production. We know that great quality requires patience, so our leather can take up to 28 days in the tanning process; ensuring that it lives up to our customers’ standards.


Leather is a strong material; able to hold a lot of weight, and will not break or tear under pressure as easily as synthetic products. This is what makes it so suitable for products such as bags, saddles and cricket balls.


Contrary to what you may think, considering leather’s resilience and strength, it is in fact a very supple and flexible material. It allows you to be creative and mould it to suit your vision, which makes it an incredibly easy and pleasurable product to work with.


Leather, being a wholly natural material, is a biodegradable product. The hides that we use to make the leather from are already a by-product from surplus pieces from the abattoir. Furthermore, we ensure that extra steps are taken to recycle all additional waste we create in the tanning process. All of which help us, and our product to stay sustainable.

Australian Nut

A reddish brown leather and a firm favourite


The classic black. You can't really go wrong with this


One of my biggest sellers. Burgundy as it's name suggests


Another one of my classic sellers, Dark chocolate


A light, medium brown leather

Dark Green

The classic racing green of old. I'm not sure what colour green this picture is :)

Dark Havana

The original dark brown. A time-honoured classic


Brown with a hint of orange. Like the chocolate orange egg

Light Havana

The lightest brown leather that I use

London Tan

The traditional yellow London Tan. Lighter than the Light Havana.

Navy Blue

A really dark blue. That is definitely not black!

Oak Brown

A lightweight leather and a mid ranged brown

Old Oak

The dark version of the brown leathers that I use


Red. Obvious really. And at least the photo actually looks red!

Sedgwick Leather

I use Sedgwick & Co leather for all of my handmade leather belts, dog collars and leads, camera straps, bridles, bags, and rifle slings.
Sedgwick and Co. have been around since 1900 and are world renown for being one of the leading leather suppliers. Sedgwick have always prided themselves on their consistently high quality of the finished leather. They put this down to the expert curriers who finish the leather by hand. To help achieve this in the future they have an in-house training scheme for new apprentices.


All of Sedgwick's leather is crafted with provenance. They have a select number of UK suppliers all of whom can provide details of exactly where the animal came from and its age. They guarantee that all hides are past a certain age ensuring that they have lived a longer life before coming in to their hands. Each hide has a unique, traceable number that can identify it throughout the entire process.

Best of British

Being the best of British quality means being certain that only the finest UK hides are used. Quality control at every stage of the process ensures that no imperfection, however small, is missed by the craftsmen

My Leather

In an economy where the consumer wants the most value for their money, leather delivers superior value. Many efforts have been made to create a synthetic material that is able to provide the multiple properties of leather but all efforts have proved unsuccessful. Due to these properties, leather is the preferred material for many areas of application, from daily used products to exclusive fashion items.

Metropolitan Leather

Founded in 1919

I tend to use metropolitan leather for my small projects. Shoulder is a much softer leather and is perfect for watch straps and wallets. It is also available in a variety of thicknesses from 1.5mm to 3.2mm. There is also a large selection of colours.


You can't really go wrong with classic Black leather


A nice , deep red


A really nice brown chestnut leather

Dark Brown

As its name suggests it is brown and dark

Dark Green

A nice deep, dark green

Dark Navy Blue

The classic Navy Blue

Dark Tan

The darkest of the Tan range


It is not really Elephant just a really dark grey. Sometimes called Rhino


A lighter grey than Elephant

Light Tan

The lightest of the tan colours

Mid Blue

A standard blue

Mid Green

A classic forest green. Herne would be proud

Mid Tan

As its name suggest this is the middle of the tan range of leather


That's it send my website to your company's unsafe list! Undyed is what it really is

Pale Green

The lightest green leather

Baby Pink

As its name suggest - Pink


A proper red leather

Sky Blue

The colour of the sky when it's not raining!


White is usually described as off-white as it never stays white for long


Yellow as yellow can be