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Buckles and Plating Options

I source my buckles from Abbey England. They have a variety of buckles and many options for plating making your handmade leather item personal to you. Many of my handmade leather goods have a variety of options for plating. But not all plating options are available for every item.


You can't really go wrong with classic Brass. Used for years for its yellow, gold appearance.

Stainless Steel

Not all buckles and trigger hooks are available in Stainless Steel. Very strong, long-lasting and personally my favourite!

Bright Nickel

Plated, nice and shiny. This can be either plated iron or plated brass. Either way it has a really shiny finish.

Dull Nickel

A super satin finish for this plating option. This can be either plated iron or plated brass. A more muted and stylish effect.


Extra shiny. Chrome, as its name suggests is chrome plated.


Fancy something a bit different. A slightly mottled effect with a lacquered look finish


Now don't go getting carried away. Black is only available on my rifle sling QR fitting. Looks good and really suits many rifles.