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Handmade English bridle Leather Camera straps

Made entirely by hand in Great Britain
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Made bespoke so please allow between 6-8 weeks for me to craft your items

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Oakside Saddlery

Camera straps - Love them or loathe them. at some point you need one to stop your camera from painfully hitting the ground!

Choose a leather camera strap that is slick and stylish, durable and robust, custom made and bespoke. Something that can support your heavy camera gear or just keep your camera to hand.


Everyone of my leather camera straps are made by hand and bespoke. Unlike many mass produced camera straps all stitching is carried out by hand, ends are finished, and edges are polished and smooth.

Being handmade and individually made bespoke means that I can change designs to fit your personal requirements.

With a choice of leather camera wrist straps, neck strap, shoulder slings, and two camera harnesses I'm sure that you can find a leather camera strap to suit your requirements.


I use English bridle leather for all of my handmade leather camera straps. I use bridle leather from JE Sedgwick. This is a full grain leather that is cut from the butt of the cow's hide. This is the strongest and best part of a hide.

So how can you guarantee that my leather camera straps can support the weight of your heavy camera gear? Well this is the same leather that I would use to make horse bridles. So if it can hold a horse it can hold your camera.

Still not sure? Then have a look at the video below and see for yourself.

Camera Style

Whether you need a small wrist camera strap, a camera neck strap, camera shoulder slide, or a harness capable of carrying two cameras at the same time. I have a range to suit you.

And on top of my standard range I can also work with you to build a custom camera strap to suit your specific needs. And you never know, if I like it I may add it to my store.

With 14 different colours to choose from I'm sure that you can find a style to suit your every need.

Oakside Saddlery

What can one of my handmade leather camera straps really hold?

This was a test camera strap that I had made. After picking up a 25lt tub of water - that's 25kg! I thought what else can it carry. Yes that is a bale of hay! probably around 30kg or more! So yes, one of my handmade leather camera straps can hold the weight of even your heaviest camera gear.