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Handmade English bridle Leather Dog Collars and leads

Made entirely by hand in Great Britain
Free shipping on all UK orders
Made bespoke so please allow between 6-8 weeks for me to craft your items

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Dog Collar sizes

What size should you order

When you order your handmade leather dog collar I will need your dog's neck size and not the overall length of any collar. The size that you order will be from the buckle to the middle hole. Check out my measuring page for more information.

Some notes on leads

Although all colours are listed on many leads not all colours are available in the longer 60 inch and above leads. This is due to a Bridle Back being used for these longer leads. Currently the colours available for 60 inch plus leads are;

  • Australian Nut

  • Black

  • Chocolate

  • Conker

  • Dark Havana

  • Hazel

  • Light Havana

  • London Tan

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Oakside Saddlery

Handmade leather dog collars and leads

A dog collar is an indispensable accessory for any dog. You can attach your dog's identity tags to them as well as attaching you lead enabling you to safely walk your best friend. And what about your lead? I have designs of traditional style leads and designs for working and search dogs allowing one lead to fit multiple purposes.


Unlike your shop brought dog collar I make my leather dog collars bespoke for your dog. This means that you can order a specific size to suit your pet.

Stitching is carried out by hand using a two handed, double stitching technique. This is a strong way of stitching and will not pull apart should a stitch wear through.

I can also make dog collars and leads to your specific designs and if I like them I may even add them to my store.


I use English bridle leather for all of my handmade leather dog collars and leads. English Bridle leather from JE Sedgwick is my personal choice. This is a full grain leather that is cut from the butt of the cow's hide. This is the strongest and best part of a hide.

Bridle leather is perfect for dog collars and leads. Not only is it strong enough to hold even the toughest dog, but it is also hard-wearing and long-lasting. This is perfect for dog collars and leads.

Burning Desires

It is important to choose a collar that will suit your dog. I have a variety of designs and styles of dog collars for all breeds of dog. Whether you have a small toy breed or a giant mastiff. Some collars are designed with the professional dog handler in mind and have been developed with military and police dog handlers.

Leads are designed in the same way. Short leads, long leads and all sizes in between. Multiple length dog leads to enable a short, medium, and long leather dog lead from a single lead.

Oakside Saddlery

Additional information

So just what should you look for in a dog collar and lead? Here are some things to consider when deciding just what dog collar you should buy.

It is important to consider the size of dog collar that you need. My leather dog collars are all made bespoke so if you have measured correctly your dog collar will buckle up on the middle hole. If you have a young dog then let me know when you place your order and I can make the measurement to the first hole. This then gives your dog room to grow.

Leather Quality

Not all leather is the same! Full grain bridle leather (that I use) is the best leather. Others use top grain that is half the thickness of full grain leather. Anything that says real leather or genuine leather is a lower grade, usually a very thin layer of leather over a substitute core.

If you look at my dog collars you will notice that they are just a single, solid piece of leather around 3.5mm thick. that is because the leather that I use is the same leather that I would use to make horse bridles and harness.


I hand stitch all of my leather dog collars and leads. Hand stitched is much stronger than machine stitching. With hand stitching the thread passes completely through the leather and on to the next hole before travelling back through again and repeated. A machine stitch keeps each thread on the same side and interlocks each thread in the hole. Should one stitch wear through invariable the whole lot pulls away. This doesn't happen with hand stitching. An easy way to tell a machine stitched dog collar is look to see if the stitching goes all of the way around the collar. If it is not specifically mentioned the chances are is that it has been machine stitched. Also have a look and see if the stitching is the same colour on the inside and the outside. If they are different colours it is more than likely machine stitched.


Hardware or furniture in the saddlery trade is important. I use solid brass, stainless steel and nickel plated.

Oakside Saddlery

Some frequently asked questions

Having decided that your dog needs a new collar here are some answers to some common questions
Is a leather dog collar good for dogs?

Yes, leather is a natural, hard-wearing material that is suitable for most dogs. Some dogs may have an allergic reaction and if that is the case then please remove the collar immediately.

How should I measure my dog for a bespoke leather collar?

Visit my measuring page for tips and how to measure for their bespoke leather dog collar.

Can a leather dog collar get wet?

Yes they can. However I wouldn't make a habit of it. The natural oils in the leather protect the dog collar very well. What you must not do though is dry it by putting the collar on a radiator or a sunny window. Collars dry very well when just left on your dog and dry naturally. A good leather conditioner should be used to provide the best protection from moisture.

How should I Look after my leather dog collars and lead?

Check out my care and repair page for tips on cleaning and conditioning your leather dog collar and lead.

Oakside Saddlery

Handmade Leather Dog Collars and Leads

Still not sure? Then have a look at some of the benefits and advantages of my handcrafted traditionally made leather dog collars and leads.

Handmade in UK

Advantage: Made to order for the perfect fit.

Benefit: Highest quality products and a bespoke, personalised design.

Top Quality Materials

Advantage: A unique product with a high-quality finish.

Benefit: Comfortable and just the right size for your beloved four-legged friend.

Handcrafted Leather Dog Collars and leads

Advantage: Easier to keep a grip, easier to walk your dog.

Benefit: Durable and highly aesthetic.