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Field Sports

Made entirely by hand in Great Britain
Free shipping on all UK orders
Made bespoke so please allow between 6-8 weeks for me to craft your items

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Field Sports, Gear and Equipment

Handmade Leather Rifle Slings, Leather Cartridge Bags, Pouches and Bushcraft KniFe Sheaths.

Outdoor pursuits

I have made leather rifle slings suitable for all types of rifles and shotguns for a while. These can be designed to your specifications if required or you can choose from a number of distinctive designs that I already handcraft.

I tend to handcraft Leather cartridge bags when I have time and these will be listed in my store. If you have an interest in a specific bag then please feel free to email me your requirements and I will see what I can do.

For knife sheaths I will need an accurate drawing of your knife. Scroll down for how to do this. Knife sheaths are custom made and can incorporate many specific designs. Email me for a quote if you fancy one.

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Oakside Saddlery

For those that love the outdoors

Leather is great material for outdoor use. Although it isn't indestructible, with the proper care and attention it will last for ages and ages. Check out my care and repair page for ways to look after your handmade leather goods.
The stitching is a braided polyester and is resistant to outdoor life. And like my leather can put up with a lot! The full grain leather that I use for many of my heavy duty items can easily cope with being soaked and if treated right will come back looking like new. It is, after all, the same leather that I would use on horse equipment, and look at the abuse that can put up with.


All of my leather goods are handmade and my field craft goods are no exception. I don't subcontract, I don't use cheap foreign labour, and I don't source cheap materials. In fact I only really use the strength of my own two hands!

Leather bags are not really made to any specific pattern and each one has its own individual style. this does mean that your bag would be truly unique.


I use English bridle leather for all of my handmade leather rifle slings. This is extremely strong and is suited well to the rigours of a day outside in inclement weather.

For bags and pouches I tend to use shoulder. This has more give and will flex which is better suited to something that will be subject to a lot of flexing.

Knife sheaths use a mix of leathers depending on the desired purpose.

Made in Great Britain

Your handmade leather bag, pouches, and rifle sling is made entirely in England. In fact it is just me!. I don't out source my work or buy it cheaply from abroad. I make everything by hand in my workshop in Kent.

And on top of that, if you are shipping to the UK then postage is free! That's right. There are no hidden charges when you get to the checkout. What you see is what you will pay.