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How to make a pattern for your bespoke Leather Knife Sheath

How can I measure for a bespoke sheath for my hunting knife?

For a handmade leather knife sheath I will need a pattern from you. I would say just send me your knife but that causes a multitude of problems when it comes to posting! So here is a handy guide on how to make a pattern that I can use to make your bespoke leather knife sheath.

What you will need;

  • A piece of paper that is big enough to fit you whole knife on. If you have a proper Rambo knife then you may have to stick some together!

  • Pencil or pen

  • fabric measuring tape or a strip of paper that you can wrap around the handle.

  • Your knife with the sharp edge covered!

Lets start with the overall shape

Be careful with that sharp edge!

Start by laying your knife flat on the piece of paper. Now here comes the complicated part. Draw around the outside of your knife with a pencil.

I will need the whole knife to work out the size of the whole sheath.

The next thing that I will need is the shape of the blade

Watch that Sharp edge!

Lay your knife down with the blade flat on the edge of a table or the like. It is then a simple matter of drawing around the outside edge of your knife's blade. Careful with that sharp edge.

You want to make sure that the hilt is pushed up tight against the edge as this will become the top edge of your knife's sheath.

If you have any cut outs or saw teeth you can just draw straight passed them as the edge will be straight there.

This shape will form the cut out in the sheath where your knife will sit. The little bit of excess is just about perfect for the tolerance needed.

Measuring the blades thickness

The thickness of the blade can effect how wide your knife sheath will be. This isn't majorly important unless your blade is over about 4mm thick in places.

Look across your blade and find the widest part. Now simply place that edge on your piece of card and draw either side of it.

Easiest one yet. Oh, and don't cut yourself!

Handle size Measuring

If you are opting for a security loop then I will also need the size of the handle.

Either measure it with a fabric tape or cut a strip off your piece of paper and wrap it around the handle. This doesn't need to be tight. In fact it is better if it isn't too tight.

This then gives me an idea of how big a loop you will need.


overall Design

So I now have the pattern to make a sheath that will fit your knife. Now comes the good bit. Design!

If you fancy something a little different do a drawing of your idea on the paper as well. What type of carry would you like. Belt loop, drop sheath, scout carry?

Do you want to carry your belt on your right hip with the blade facing backwards? May be on your left hip with the blade facing forwards?

Do you need a pouch for a sharpening stone? or a bigger pouch for other kit?

Let me know and I can work out a price for you.

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