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Handmade English bridle Leather Belts

Made entirely by hand in Great Britain
Free shipping on all UK orders
Made bespoke so please allow between 6-8 weeks for me to craft your items

Automation wasn't for the benefit of the customer

Free Shipping

Shipping is free on all UK delivery address's

Worldwide Shipping

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Bridle Leather Belts

Some notes on ordering a handmade leather belt

What size should I order?

Remember to order your actual waist size and not any full length of an existing belt. The size that you order will be the length from the buckle to the middle hole. For more information visit my measuring page.

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Oakside Saddlery

So why should you buy a leather belt from oakside saddlery?

I would like to think that it is because you like my work and that you have realised that these handmade leather belts are the best you have ever seen!
Well I could only ever dream!


All of my leather belts are made entirely by hand. Yes that's right! I don't use any automated equipment to make my leather belts. Just the strength of my own two hands.

My leather belts are hand cut bespoke to your order. All stitching is carried out by hand using traditional saddlery techniques. This stitching uses two needles to make an extremely strong stitch that passes completely through the leather before making the next stitch. This is great as should a stitch wear through it will not pull apart like a machine stitch would. This is truly bespoke and makes for a far stronger leather belt.


I use English bridle leather for all of my handmade leather belts. I use bridle leather from JE Sedgwick. This is a full grain leather that is cut from the butt of the cow's hide. This is the strongest and best part of a hide.

Be careful when comparing leathers as real leather can mean many things. Anything from a 0.1mm thick piece of leather over cardboard to a glued together mess of leather off-cuts. Anything that says cut to length will be a rubbish piece of leather. The average person would struggle to cut some of my bridle leather with your everyday items!

Made in Great Britain

Your handmade leather belt is made entirely in England. In fact it is just me!. I don't out source my work or buy it cheaply from abroad. I make everything by hand in my workshop in Kent.

And on top of that, if you are shipping to the UK then postage is free! That's right. There are no hidden charges when you get to the checkout. What you see is what you will pay.